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The Future of Aaron Rodgers Lies At The Hands of Dan Campbell

Photo: Stacy Revere

Today on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike discuss Aaron Rodgers’ impending future in Green Bay. The Packers game against the Detroit Lions to finish the season could quite possibly determine the future of Rodgers and where he may or may not end up next season!

Jason Smith: “If Aaron Rodgers and the Packers miss the playoffs, the story will be that this isn’t working and it’s now Jordan Love’s team. This is who Rodgers wants to be and he still wants to stick it to Green Bay. Dan Campbell could change the course of the NFL forever!”

Mike Harmon: “I don’t buy that. I didn’t think he was leaving for a couple of years. The song remains the same. It’s been far from a perfect season. You’ve got a number of young pieces who look like they’re ready to fit the bill, so you’ve got the best set up there. You’re not going anywhere!”