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Colts Need to Eliminate Jeff Saturday from Coaching Consideration

Photo: Justin Casterline

Rob Parker: "Jeff Saturday should be eliminated from the running for the Colts job. If he gets the job, it will be because he's friends with Jim Irsay, and that's all it is. Anybody else who would have turned in that performance would have been eliminated. Not only from that job, but any other head coaching job."
Chris Broussard: "If he really wants to be a head coach, he needs to go the route that everybody else does. Go be an assistant, learn somewhere, and he probably would get another shot if he did that. It's not fair for them to give him that job, and he just proved it. It's not only not fair, it's not practical."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker explain why Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday should not be considered the long-term solution in Indianapolis. The guys rip Saturday for his poor performance after finishing the season in place of Frank Reich. Plus, Chris and Rob break down why giving Saturday such strong consideration at this point is unacceptable in today's NFL.