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It's Easier for McVay to Walk Away Now Than After Winning the Super Bowl

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers

Photo: Getty Images

It's Black Monday in the NFL and even though Sean McVay isn't on the hot seat, FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer reports people inside the Rams organization would be more surprised by the head coach returning than they would if he left. 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe believe a broadcasting gig is inevitable but it was too hard for the coach to leave after winning the Super Bowl. Now, after their disappointing season and so many question marks surrounding the team, it's easier than ever before for McVay to walk away.

Brady Quinn: "Maybe it was just too hard to leave after winning a Super Bowl and wanting to kind of convince everyone else to run it back. Yeah, Aaron Donald is coming back and Matt Stafford is back and then the season got off to as bad of a start as it could go."
Jonas Knox: "You wouldn't be surprised though from the standpoint that this season went so poorly, he wants to go out like that?"
Brady Quinn: "But where's this team at? You have no draft capital. You've got a quarterback who's got injuries he's dealing with. Does Aaron Donald want to even come back? You have so many questions around this team, I think it actually makes it a little easier to not want to come back and deal with what a lot of organizations have to face when you kick the can down the road, and that's what they've done."