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Jalen Carter is the Best Overall Player in the NFL Draft

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia

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Following Georgia's dominant win over TCU in the National Championship, Bulldogs DL Jalen Carter declared his intentions to go pro, making things very interesting at the top of the NFL Draft. 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe give some interesting comparisons.

Brady Quinn: "He's the best overall player in the draft."
Jonas Knox: "Better than Bryce Young?"
Brady Quinn: "Well you put a premium on quarterbacks because of the position but if you're looking at them as a prospect, if you're like a scout, he's the best overall. I would say Will Anderson is very close behind, like right there, 1A and 1B. Those two guys are the top two prospects in my opinion."


Jonas Knox: "Jalen Carter comp as far as a defensive prospect, what will be one in recent years?"
LaVar Arrington: "He reminds me of Marcus Stroud a little bit. I don't know if you guys remember Marcus Stroud."
Brady Quinn: "Yeah, he broke my right index finger. I remember his helmet."
LaVar Arrington: "Sorry to hear that."
Brady Quinn: "The other one I was gonna say was kind of Chris Jones. Chris Jones is a guy who's obviously playing a really high level right for Kansas City."
Jonas Knox: "Great 40-yard dash."
Brady Quinn: "Unbelievable 40-yard dash. I was gonna say Jalen Carter can only hope that his 40-yard dash is as epic as Chris Jones' was."