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Rob Parker: Houston Texans Should be Under Investigation by the NFL

Rob Parker explains to Chris Broussard why she's suspicious of the Houston Texans organization on the heels of their decision to fire head coach Lovie Smith. Rob Parker believes that due to how the last couple of coaches lost their jobs and the fact they happen to be people of color, Parker thinks the organization has been setting up these black coaches to fail.

Rob Parker: "I think the Texans should be under investigation by the NFL. I have an issue with their ownership and what they're doing. They brought David Culley in and gave him one year, and he did a decent job with no team and no quarterback. They gave him a nice golden parachute with three years left on his contract. Then they were gonna hire Josh McCown, but people made a stink about it, and in the last minute they go get Lovie Smith and have a 3-13-1 season so Smith gets fired. I just have an issue. They give these black coaches horrible rosters and teams, give them the job for one year and then act like, 'Well, what do you want us to do? We were horrible.' YEAH, YOU WERE HORRIBLE! What did you want Lovie Smith to do?"
Chris Broussard: "Their last three coaching hires have been African American. Romeo Crennel (he was an interim), replaced Bill O'Brien and finished out the season. And then they hired Culley and Lovie Smith. I don't know what's going on there, but it is fishy. What it seems like is they all haven't gotten legitimate chances...And it makes it look like now when they hire the coach that maybe they really want, if it's a white guy, they can say, 'What do you mean? You can't say anything to us. Our last three coaches have been African American."
Rob Parker: "They're like, 'In the NFL, we're good for the next 100 years. What are you going to say to us?"