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Bears Could Trade Justin Fields and Select a Quarterback at the NFL Draft

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Chicago Bears' general manager Ryan Poles, who was asked if he'd consider using the #1 pick in the NFL draft to select a quarterback. Poles responded that he'd have to be "absolutely blown away" by a prospect to do it. Smith thinks there's a good chance the Bears will be "blown away" by the quarterback prospects in the draft and trade Justin Fields as a result.

Jason Smith: "Think about the pressure of picking #1 overall with all these quarterback prospects out there. Yes, Bryce Young is a little small, but no one sees the field like he does. He's got the best vision of any quarterback coming out of the draft in probably 10 years. Bryce Young could be a star. CJ Stroud could be a star. You have lots of guys there up at the top, but Bryce Young and CJ Stroud are those two big names, and you think they're not gonna look at: 'Well we can reset the quarterback clock by drafting a guy here. We're two years into Justin Fields already, and he's playing well. He might deserve a big extension. We can reset that clock. Are we really gonna go by and not take a quarterback and run the risk of, hey, we had a chance to get a generational guy, and we didn't get him?' Are you really gonna do that? Plus, you have a faction of the Bears that you feel like they've never really gone all-in on Justin Fields...This is a regime that didn't draft him."