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Bears Face a Conundrum with Justin Fields and the 1st Overall Pick

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears

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Bears GM Ryan Poles says he'd need to be "absolutely blown away" by an NFL Draft Prospect in order to take them 1st overall and move on from Justin Fields. 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe wonder exactly what strategy the Bears will deploy this offseason.

Brady Quinn: "I don't think you throw in the towel on [Justin Fields] now and move on from him just to grab one of these guys with where you're at. I think you convince people behind closed doors there's a guy you really love at Number 1 that a lot of other people love and if they want to trade with you out of it, okay, but it's gonna take a lot."
LaVar Arrington: "It's not every day you get the number one overall draft pick. It's not every day that it's a quarterback heavy draft where you can look at two or three that potentially could change the trajectory of your franchise... When a team isn't good, I don't think anything is off the table, and the Bears aren't good. They aren't good at all."
Jonas Knox: "They've got, I think the most salary cap in the NFL coming up in the offseason and they've got Houston and Indianapolis who are looking for quarterbacks in the same division, who are sitting at two and four. If I'm the Bears and you have an opportunity, and Houston doesn't want to lose out on Bryce Young to Indianapolis, you can move back one spot, and then you acquire the other pick that they've got from Cleveland, you'd have 2 and 12 all of a sudden by trading away Number 1, and probably something else, maybe next year or the year after. So you'd still end up with Jalen Carter or Will Anderson or whichever best player is sitting there at Number 2, and you acquire more picks. That's the ideal scenario."
Brady Quinn: "This is the make or break moment for Ryan Poles. Seldom do you find yourself with the combination of cap space and the number one overall pick as well, where you've got the ability to really turn over this roster relatively fast... This will either be what he's known for, for the next decade or so as their General Manager, or three/four years from now, he's maybe on the streets because this whole thing didn't work out."
LaVar Arrington: "Most likely on the streets."