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Lopsided Georgia Win Is a Bad Look For College Football Playoff Expansion

With the Georgia Bulldogs slaughtering TCU in the college football playoff national championship, Rob Parker is concerned as playoff expansion begins in 2024. Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate if the playoff expansion is still a good idea after witnessing a very non-competitive championship game.

Rob Parker: "Yesterday (Monday) was exhibit A! Yesterday is the nightmare that all college football fans are worried about. I get it from the financial standpoint it's just a money grab, but there aren't 12 teams that are going to give you quality football in the big games to make it worthwhile. Yesterday people were turning channels at record numbers finding other stuff to watch, a Golden Girls Marathon, Red Fox, and Sanford & Son..."
Chris Broussard: "How does yesterday's game weigh in on the 12-team playoff?"
Rob Parker: "It shows you that you don't have enough quality teams. Last year when Michigan played Georgia, and they were in the top 4, they got embarrassed in that game...There aren't 12 teams that are really viable...You're gonna get more blowouts and MORE games that don't matter, and you're gonna neutralize the regular season even more and make it not matter, and that's the problem with this. More isn't always better."