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Lying for Bryce Young

Photo: Sean Gardner

Lying season has begun as general managers of losing NFL teams faced their local media in their final news conferences of the season, including Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles. When asked about the status of current QB Justin Fields, he gave some conflicting answers, attempting to support Fields while also leaving open the possibility of drafting a QB (obviously Alabama’s Bryce Young) with the number one pick. Dan wonders why he didn’t just lie to the media as expected, unless he’s playing mental games trying to manufacture a trade before the NFL Draft in April. Now is traditionally the time to keep your draft plans close to the vest and mislead the media about your intentions.

Dan Patrick: “It’s not officially listed as ‘Lying to the Media Day’ yesterday, but it should be...if you’re going to meet with the media, why would you tell them anything? I wouldn’t! I mean it’s must-lie situation. And if I’m a member of the media, I expect that. I just want to hear how you’re going to lie to me. Or you can be vague, but why would you let anybody know what you’re going to do?”

“I don’t know if Bryce Young is a franchise quarterback, but if you think he is then you make that move.”