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Rob Parker: "The Dolphins Should Not Pursue Tom Brady this Offseason"

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Rob Parker: “Don’t do it Miami! Run the other way! Don’t keep living in the past; this isn’t the same Tom Brady! I’m not saying he can’t play and he can retire when he wants to, but he’s just not the same guy... I get it, they saw what happened in Tampa, but that was the perfect storm because their defense was unbelievable. The Dolphins are thinking adding Tom Brady is a ‘magical elixir:’ add Tom Brady, add water, stir and there’s your Super Bowl. Miami should just stay the course. They were 7-4 at one point, and although things didn’t go their way, they should build on that.”
Chris Broussard: “Stop it! Miami, go get Tom Brady. First of all, Tom Brady at 46 years old next year, is more likely to play through the season than the much younger Tua Tagovailoa. If Tua hadn’t gotten seriously injured with the concussions, I would agree with you. He played great and had chemistry with Tyreek Hill and Waddle. But these concussions have really affected him, and Miami has to be concerned with his durability going forward. The Dolphins are built to win now with that defense, Mike McDaniel and that offense, and other than San Francisco, I think Miami is Brady’s best option. Plus, he can help out Tua, who I believe they should also keep.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to a recent article that is predicting Buccaneers QB Tom Brady could sign with the Miami Dolphins this offseason. Where do you think Brady will end up? Listen to the full segment above!