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Would Tua Be Available Sunday if the Dolphins Hadn’t Rushed Him Back?

Photo: Megan Briggs

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa has been ruled out of Sunday’s Wildcard game against the Buffalo Bills due to concussion protocols, and Dan wonders if it truly had to be this way. He is convinced Tua actually had a third concussion that was masqueraded as a back injury and, considering his lingering symptoms, thinks it’s fair to ask the question: did the Dolphins rush him back too soon? With the spotlight firmly on health and safety after Damar Hamlin’s injury, Dan thinks Tua may have needed better care than he probably received.

Dan Patrick: “I wonder if they didn’t, what felt like, rush him back into playing and let him sit a little longer, would he be playing? September and October. Now you might say they would’ve lost games and maybe they wouldn’t have qualified for the playoffs, I understand that. But we’re all about the health and safety. We’re talking about Damar Hamlin, the health and safety. And absolutely! But we should be doing the same thing for Tua Tagovailoa, because I think he had a third concussion.”