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Lamar Jackson Is Not Inspiring Confidence

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson tweeted an update about his injured knee and the news was not good. He says he’s still not 100% and won’t be able to take the field against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Dan wonders if he really needs to be 100% to give it a go considering nobody in the NFL is at 100% at this point in the season. But, even assuming he is truly unable to go without risking further injury, Dan wouldn’t consider signing him to a long term contract if he were the Ravens. He hasn’t played well this season, he has a history of getting banged up, and his laissez-faire attitude certainly isn’t helping his case.

Dan Patrick: “Could he play? He says he won’t be 100%. Well, you get to this point, who’s 100%? Can you play? Can you play without risking serious injury? And, if that’s the case, fine. These two parties approached this and Baltimore gave him what they thought was a good offer. He turned it down and now it’s been sort if lingering there. And then he didn’t play well this year, and he’s banged up, and he’s banged up again, and this is the style that he plays. Do I want to sign that up? No, long term, no I don’t.”