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Sean McVay Has Got Some Guts

Photo: Stacy Revere

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss Rams HC Sean McVay coming back to coach next season. Despite being able to walk away from a rough year and the potential to pick up a lucrative contract in broadcasting, the guys explain to you how McVay had the guts to come back and try and make things right with the Rams.

Jason Smith: “This was the time for Sean McVay to walk away. He decided to come back when TV was beckoning and I give him all the credit in the world because the Rams aren’t going to be good for a couple of years. Sean McVay has a lot of guts.”

Mike Harmon: “Certainly the game is better with him in it. But I don’t think the ‘I’m leaving the team in the lurch’ is the part that would rank in the top 20 things on his list of bingo moments to come back for.”