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TJ Houshmandzadeh: "Ravens feel Lamar is Ready to Play."

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens

Photo: Getty Images North America

Baltimore Superstar Quarterback, Lamar Jackson, has been the topic of discussion this week in regard to his recent injury. He shed some light on the injury that has kept him out for the majority of the year. The Ravens have made the playoffs without him and will be playing without him at least through this first round. The injury is going to play a huge role as Lamar represents himself in contract negotiations for his future contract with the Ravens.TJ Houshmandzadeh recently broke news on the "Up on Game" podcast revealing that Lamar's injury status is not what it seems. Plaxico Burress and LaVar Arrington react to the news that TJ wanted to share.

TJ Houshmandzadeh:"So I tore my PCL. When I tore my PCL, I missed 3 weeks in this off-season. So I had time, but I missed three weeks and I was back to practice... And what I'm going to say this is a fact. What I'm saying is not my thoughts. What I'm going to say is this is a fact. They (Ravens) feel Lamar's ready to play. And that's not my opinion. I was told this. They feel Lamar's ready to play and he's not playing...They offered Lamar the second most guaranteed money in the history of the NFL. That was behind Deshaun Watson. Obviously, Lamar wants a fully guaranteed contract. The NFL's Players Association is pushing for him to get a guaranteed contract. I don't believe the Ravens are going to fold on that. They're not going to fold in and give him a fully guaranteed contract. And so now you're playing this game of cat and mouse and who's going to come out on top? The Ravens need Lamar Jackson. That's the problem. When he plays, they win. They averaged over 20 points a game when he does play and when he does not play they average 10 points less."