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Chargers Sticking With Brandon Staley Shows Impact of Bad Ownership


Rob Parker: "Reporters are saying that the Chargers are looking at their coordinators, and it appears that Brandon Staley is safe. This is the biggest cop-out of ownership by the Chargers. There is a reason why some teams never win, and this would be that example. As bad as this was, it ain't just about this (loss). There's a laundry list of reasons why Brandon Staley should be fired. Mike Williams didn't play because he played in a meaningless game. We've seen them blow games that they should win with dumb Madden calls where you're going for it 4th and long at your own 32. What are you doing?"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker explain why Brandon Staley needs to be fired after the Chargers' horrendous collapse against the Jaguars in their Wild Card matchup. Rob rips the Chargers ownership for standing by Staley, according to reports, and instead placing their focus on coordinators.