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Josh Allen's Turnover Problem is Cause For Concern

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills

Photo: Getty Images

After eking out a win against a "Tua-less" Dolphins, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe with Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington believe the Bills look less like a team of destiny and more like a team that's hit their ceiling.

LaVar Arrington: "It just looks as though teams adjusted what they're doing defensively to the Bills and if Josh Allen has to win the game on his arm, I think it's seemingly right now difficult for him to do so."
Jonas Knox: "Josh Allen turns the ball over way too much and coming into the season people were talking about, 'MVP, MVP, it's a foregone conclusion.' It's a problem.
You go back to the way their season was going, after they beat Kansas City they kind of went through these these pitfalls and they haven't been that dominant team or that Super Bowl favorite that everybody was looking at before the season as that's the team to beat in the AFC and the team you saw to open up the year.
I look at the Bills and coming out of what happened [versus the Dolphins], I don't know that I'm very confident taking on Cincinnati next week knowing the problems that have been presented by Josh Allen and turning the football over as much as he does." 
LaVar Arrington: "There's always the chance that they could have hit their ceiling and they're going to have to fight through."