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Raiders are Best Destination for Tom Brady

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Jason Smith: "Tom Brady is not a guy who can come back to Tampa and think suddenly they'll have all the pieces they need. He has to go to a team that's ready-made with the pieces, where the talent is already there. A good running game and good weapons offensively. More than that, who is going to be the team that has stars in their eyes at the thought of Tom Brady wanting to come there? That team is the Las Vegas Raiders. That's where Brady is going to wind up. They have everything he needs. The offense is terrific. Josh Jacobs wants to stay. You have Davante Adams, a healthy Hunter Renfroe, a healthy Darren Waller. You have a team that's loaded and ready to go. And moreso than that, Mark Davis is the first guy standing in line with stars in his eyes. The Raiders have the weapons, they'll have the desire cause they've already said goodbye Derek Carr, and can bring in someone who is familiar with the system. If I was betting, I would take all my money and push it to the middle. If Brady plays next year, he plays for the Raiders."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon look at Tom Brady's future after his 2022 season ended on Monday night. The guys break down why they believe Brady will continue his NFL career in a new home next season and explain why the Las Vegas Raiders are the logical landing spot.