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Dan Beyer: "There's No Appeal in Any of the Available Head Coaching Jobs"


Dan Beyer: “I don’t think the Saints are bothered by Sean Payton openly shopping himself to other teams. If they can get that first round pick in a trade if he decides to come back, they’d love it. New Orleans has moved on and is appreciative on what he brought to that organization. I think the Saints are also good with it, because he’s doing the bargaining for them... We haven’t really seen this unique scenario in regards to the coaching carousel, and I think that’s a good thing, because these coaching jobs are unappealing in the league right now. Do you want to fix Kyler Murray, or Russell Wilson? Do you want to go to Houston, who fired each of their last two coaches after one season? Carolina and the Colts aren’t great either.”
Mike Harmon: “When it comes to the Broncos, when you’ve got an ownership group that says the GM won’t deal with the hiring process. As a coach you feel thrown off that you’re not going to be working alongside the GM, and are basically forced to buy into Russell Wilson.”

Mike Harmon and Dan Beyer dissect the NFL head coaching carousel. They both come to the conclusion that none of the available jobs are appealing, because they all have major roster decisions they’d have to deal with. Listen to the full segment above!