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Yes, Tom Brady CAN Go Out Like That

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

The Dallas Cowboys ended Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ season last night and speculation over Brady’s future is furiously underway. Dan addresses the “he can’t go out like that” crowd, reminding them that GOATS in all sports, including his predecessor Joe Montana, almost never go out on top. Brady didn’t play particularly well this season, and it’s reasonable to think he might hang it up for good despite how it ended.

Dan Patrick: “Now the question’s going to be, ‘Oh, can he leave? Can he leave like that? Can you go out like that?’ Unless he wins the Super Bowl, he’s probably going to go out that way! Does he go someplace else next year? Does he come back to Tampa? If he had gone out last year, that’d be an unbelievable way to go out, (he) ran out of time against the Rams. But what you saw last night was not pretty at all.”