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Stop Slandering Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Patrick McDermott

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show after a disappointing season to address his future (with or without Green Bay) and his comments seem to have rubbed some people the wrong way, as his comments often do. But Doug reminds us that Rodgers isn’t doing anything that any other man in his position would do, including Tom Brady, which is to leverage his position for a favorable outcome. Doug thinks the media just loves to hate him and this current uproar is overblown.

Doug Gottlieb: “Let’s ease up on the Aaron Rodgers slander...We choose in the media who like and who we don’t like. And we parse the words of the people we don’t like, and we gloss over them from the ones we do like. That’s it. And this is the case with Aaron Rodgers.”