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The Chargers Scapegoated Joe Lombardi

Photo: Michael Owens

Los Angeles Chargers Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi was relieved of his duties after the disappointing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars that ended their season. Dan believes the fault lies with Head Coach Brandon Staley considering he was the one in charge of the defensive collapse in the second half, and he let WR Mike Williams play in a meaningless game where he ultimately got injured making him unavailable for the playoffs. They would have been better off firing Staley, or just doing nothing instead of blaming Lombardi.

Dan Patrick: “If your offensive coordinator helped you build up that lead against Jacksonville but then the head coach is the guy who calls the defensive signals allows the comeback, why does the offensive coordinator got to pay the price? Plus, the coach who made the decision to play Mike Williams in a meaningless game prior to the playoffs, and then he couldn’t play in the playoffs...that’s not on (Joe) Lombardi, that’s on the head coach.”