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Broncos and Sean Payton Reportedly Have Mutual Interest in Each Other

"A report by a Denver reporter, Mike Klis, that Sean Payton was impressed with the Broncos during his interview Monday. I can confirm that. I went to dinner with Sean, and he was. And the Broncos say Payton is their number one candidate...They believe, in Denver, Sean can fix the offense. Sean, I KNOW, can fix it, and Russell Wilson has contacted Sean (legally, by the way) through channels; HE wants Sean Payton. Russ knows he needs fixing. When I look at this situation, it's fairly clear: Great defense, richest owners in the league, both impressed with each other, solve the offensive line, free agency, and the draft. And can Sean fix Russ? I believe the answer is yes."

Colin Cowherd dives into what the combination of Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos could mean for both parties, from fixing their offense to bringing redemption to Russell Wilson's career after a tumultuous 2022 NFL season.