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Rob Parker: “Sean Payton is the Most Over-Hyped Coach in NFL History”


Rob Parker: “It is ridiculous that Sean Payton has come to this point where just by stepping down from a team that was going nowhere and getting on television with the bright lights, has somehow elevated this guy to deserving $25 million a year! He’s Mike McCarthy but svelte! McCarthy has the one Super Bowl with a Hall of Fame QB, and other than that, he’s a bum. Nobody wanted him. People even say, ‘well the Cowboys won despite Mike McCarthy’... McCarthy has more wins. Sean Payton had 3 straight seasons where he went 7-9 with Drew Brees! He was also part of one of the worst scandals in NFL history. Never forget that! Now we’re supposed to celebrate this guy? Count me out!”
Chris Broussard: “Rob, you celebrate Aaron Rodgers for one championship, why are you ripping Sean Payton for only having one? I think he’s a very good coach. I will say, he’s become a bit overrated. Bountygate was obviously a bad thing, but I think players want to play for him. If I’m the Denver Broncos, and have all of this money invested in Russell Wilson, I need a coach who’s good with quarterbacks. Sean Payton did wonders with Jameis Winston!”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss reports that it’s projected that Sean Payton will become the next coach of the Denver Broncos, with a massive $25 million per year contract. Rob believes that Sean Payton is extremely overrated, but Chris feels that this is a move the Broncos have to make to save Russell Wilson. Listen to the full segment above!