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Daniel Jones Is Not Elite

Photo: David Berding

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon preview the New York Giants playoff game against the favored Philadelphia Eagles. Many backers of Daniel Jones see him as elite, and while he’s had some impressive wins this season, Jason and Mike explain to you that Jones’ success is more likely the fit he is in Brian Daboll’s system.

Jason Smith: “We’re at the point where we have to ask the question if Giants QB Daniel Jones is elite. Is he elite? No, he’s not. Elite is if you’re really good anywhere. The guy is good in this system. He does have games where he does some 'Josh Allen 1.0' things and has games where he impresses everyone. He’s okay. He’s just a guy, and is not elite.”

Mike Harmon: “Jones has got a huge stage here to try and win some people over to show that he could be the answer. To say that Daniel’s elite right now, even if they pull off a win against the Eagles, is asinine.”