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The Buffalo Bills are The Boston Red Sox of the NFL

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer: “You got guys like me in their 40’s who remember thirty years ago the four straight losses in the Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills are becoming the Boston Red Sox of the NFL. They’re starting to look like a cursed franchise! This was another opportunity where it was all there for them. If you’re a Bills fan you didn’t forget those four Super Bowl losses and now it’s just going to be on repeat with these types of seasons. The playoff drought that they ended is a distant memory. That is put in the file cabinet in all this misery of being a Buffalo Bills fan. When you’re talking about cursed franchises in the NFL you think Browns and Bills. I don’t think they can shake it until they win a Super Bowl, until then it’s going to hover over them. There’s just something about the four straight Super Bowl losses and now you just look at them now and you’re like here we go again.”
Aaron Torres: “There are definitely a lot of fans in their 40s and 50s who think they’re cursed. I don’t remember a favorite that’s accomplished less than the Buffalo Bills. This core has never won a Super Bowl, never played in a Super Bowl, got destroyed in the AFC at Arrowhead, lost last year and now this but being cursed isn’t playing poorly down the stretch and losing by 17 in the playoffs. I do think there is a portion of the Bills fan base that believes everything was lined up this year and they’re just cursed.”

The Buffalo Bills took a 27-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals which is now resulting in a AFC Championship rematch between the Chiefs and Bengals at Arrowhead stadium next weekend. Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres reacted to the loss by comparing the Buffalo Bills franchise to the Boston Red Sox, believing that the Bills are the cursed franchise of the NFL ever since their four Super Bowl losses between 1990-93.