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Daniel Jones Didn't Show Enough To Be "The Guy"

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

Photo: Getty Images

Daniel Jones and the New York Giants exceeded expectations this season not only by making it to the playoffs, but also by defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card Round. However, after a beat down by the Eagles, Ben Maller doesn't think that the Giants should bring back Danny Dimes.

Ben Maller: "Jones has been an enigma 95% of the time he's been with New York. Drafted very high with not much in college in the way of success...and he's provided mostly heartburn in his time in the NFL. The front office, rightfully so, rejected the 5th year option before the season. They said: 'Go out and prove it!' Now for some uneducated football fans, they'll say 'Daniel Jones went out and proved it.' While he did improve in some areas, for my money, it was not enough to rise to the level of a new contract."