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This is Not the Dak Prescott the Cowboys Signed Up For

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

Photo: Getty Images

Following the Cowboys loss to the Niners in the Divisional Round, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe question whether or not Dak Prescott has what it takes to get this franchise over the hump.

LaVar Arrington: "He said it was Super Bowl or bust in his pregame interview. And it was bust because of him. Because of your offense, because that defense played their heart out."
Brady Quinn: "If you're Dallas, you took forever to commit to Dak Prescott and he finally put you in a position where you had to pay him. Now you've paid him and maybe you were hesitant for a reason. Because you knew he's not a top 8 quarterback and I think when we look at the league, if we're all being honest with ourselves, if you're not a top 8 quarterback, you're probably not giving your team a chance to win a Super Bowl."
Jonas Knox: "Does Dak have another level or is this it?"
Brady Quinn: "No."
Jonas Knox: "So the more that these young quarterbacks come into the league, and God forbid, Bryce Young is a stud or CJ Stroud is a stud, he just keeps falling down the list every crop of quarterbacks that comes in. And if this is just what he is, then I don't think this is what Dallas signed up for. They had dreams of getting over the hump and they still haven't been to a conference title game since '96."