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Derek Wolfe Joins Covino & Rich to Discuss His Heroic Mountain Lion Hunt

Photo: Justin Edmonds

Derek Wolfe: “CPW and the game warden told me that he’d never seen a cat this big... This is my therapy for retirement. When you play defensive line, you have 2 grown 350lb guys that are trying to move you every play, and it’s hard to replace that. It’s hard to replace 80,000 people howling when you make a play. It’s really hard to replace that rush, but I’ve found that hunting can give me a similar feeling.”

Former NFL DE and Super Bowl Champion Derek Wolfe joins Covino & Rich to discuss the crazy story about a mountain lion he hunted that was terrorizing his neighborhood. Wolfe also discusses his post-retirement life, and which teammates make the best and worst hunting partners. Listen to the full segment above!