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Jason Smith: The Laker’s Season Has Officially Started Tonight

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “This is the beginning of the season for the Lakers, AD is back, they made their trade (Kendrick Nunn & 2nd round picks), and the question is how long will AD be playing until he gets hurt again? It’s just about getting in the play in round for them or crawling into the top six. AD is always unbelievable when he plays but then he gets hurt, you start talking about his motivation and health. How many games will I see him back for? 10 games, 15 or 20? I don’t know, I hope it’s more than that.”
Mike Harmon: “They look great right now, I still want to see more out of LeBron James tonight but I think they’ll be fine if they can stay away from the injuries. Now, I’m interested how it will work with Russell Westbrook and his style of play. It’s like, can we get rid of him now? Everything is coming together, AD is coming back, and it’ll be interesting to see if Russell’s play will start to go unnoticed.”

The Lakers beat the Spurs 113-104 in Anthony Davis’s return tonight. AD finished with 21 points & 12 rebounds with a total of 26 minutes played in the game. Late in the third quarter AD had a scare after a three pointer where it looked like he got reinjured but ended up being fine after going 3 for 3 from the free throw line. Jason & Mike talk about the importance of AD being back in the Lakers lineup and the difference it’ll make for them going forward if he can stay healthy.