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Packers Walked Away From Brett Favre, They Can Walk Away From Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Eric Espada

Now that the NFL offseason is right around the corner, speculation in Green Bay about the fate of Aaron Rodgers is rampant. Dan dives deep into the options facing the Packers and suggests that one of those options is to send Rodgers on his way, much like they did to Brett Favre. It’s a business decision, and they need to consider building for the post-Rodgers era sooner or later.

Dan Patrick: “We’ve just become accustomed to (Aaron) Rodgers, the Packers, bad division, home field advantage, and then they get to a must-win situation and they don’t win. And he’s been substandard in the postseason. That’s where I have to look at this and say it’s a business decision. You walked away from Brett Favre, you can walk away from Aaron Rodgers.”