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Rich Misses Out on Once in a Lifetime Experience

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

Rich Davis: “My confidence meter isn’t too high... I’m not overly confident. I am a little worried that I’m going to miss out on a good opportunity but six hours, being tired after a red eye, being cold, going back to the airport, grabbing another red eye, it just sounds terrible if we lose. The 49ers usually don’t win when I go anyway, I feel like a jinx. Last time I went Jimmy G even got hurt! I feel like a jerk for not going and I’m always about being spontaneous but 18 hours and not being confident is not the move.”  
Steve Covino: “In your twenties with no responsibilities, I’m going. Nowadays, I’m too old I enjoy watching on the couch with friends but this is your team, young quarterback, a luxury box offered to you and you say no? 90% of the people listening would take this opportunity. I think it’s because you’ve just done a lot of cool things in your life that this is secondary to you. Regardless, Best view of the game is right there on the couch, you’re not going to get a better view.”

Throughout the years, Rich and Covino have been thrown in pickles that make life decisions extremely challenging to make. On Tuesday, Rich’s good friend within the business invited him to 49ers at Eagles game in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon for the NFC Championship. Not only was he invited to the game but the seats are in a luxury box! Rich made the choice to decline respectfully due to it being too much of a commitment if the 49ers end up losing.