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The NFL is King But Must Continue to Evolve

Hopeful Eagles Fans Watch Super Bowl XXXIX

Photo: Getty Images

The ratings are out and the 49ers win over the Cowboys garnered 45.7 Million average viewers on FOX, peaking at over 51 Million. It was the most watched of the season and second most Divisional Game in history and it wasn't even that great of a game. NFL is clearly king when it comes to television ratings but 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe wonder if the ratings can go even higher, if there will be a bubble at some point with viewership, how that impacts the TV media rights deal and how the league plans on growing the brand abroad and across streaming services.

Brady Quinn: "NFL is in a great spot, it's King and it's not even close, but you can't be satisfied if you're the NFL, or if you're these TV networks and thinking that this is going to last forever."