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Billy Packer Left Quite a Legacy

Photo: Doug Pensinger

Legendary college basketball analyst Billy Packer succumbed to kidney failure yesterday and Dan Patrick takes a moment to memorialize Packer and his legacy.  He lauds Packer’s insatiable desire to teach the game he loved so much to as many people as he could reach. He broke down the game in terms everyone could understand and his voice is now eternally entwined with the Final Four.

Dan Patrick: “Billy was no-nonsense. Billy wanted to teach you the game of basketball, similar to Hubie Brown. Hubie Brown, longtime analyst, longtime coach, but to give you the X’s and O’s, they viewed it as almost a tutorial. He wasn’t there to be a showman, he wasn’t there to entertain you with anything other than: here’s hardcore basketball, here’s the X’s and O’s. And he left quite a legacy.”