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Donovan McNabb: It's Special That Jalen Hurts is 14-1 as a Starter

Photo: Mitchell Leff

Donovan McNabb: "It is something to be said that (Jalen Hurts) is 14-1 as a starter...I love Patrick Mahomes don't get me wrong but he may have the LeBron effect where everybody is kind of looking for something new to be the MVP of the league"
Rob Parker: "Its a miracle if you think about where he was a year ago"
Chris Broussard: "This offseason he really worked...his work ethic you know Donovan is second to none and he showed by the way he came back this year."

On this episode of The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, Chris and Rob are joined by former Eagles QB and six time Pro Bowler, Donovan McNabb as they compare Jalen Hurts to Patrick Mahomes in the NFL MVP running. Rob and Chris discuss with Donovan about how Jalen Hurts has really revamped his game in comparison to last year and how he has a real case for the MVP award.