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Why Robert Saleh Took a Chance on Nathaniel Hackett

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks

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On today's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox, and LaVar Arrington react to Robert Saleh's praise of Nathaniel Hackett after the New York Jets brought him in to run the offense.

Brady Quinn: "I can understand why Robert Saleh hired Nathaniel Hackett. Nathaniel Hackett will have a good relationship with Zach Wilson. He's called plays before. He's going to do exactly what Robert Saleh wants him to do and then the final piece is, if they are putting together a package to get Aaron Rodgers, it doesn't hurt."
Jonas Knox: "The sell job just reeks of an organization that's sensitive. They can try and sell everybody on Nathaniel Hackett all day, the fact of the matter is, the problem wasn't the coordinator, it was the quarterback... This has got to be a play for Rodgers."
LaVar Arrington: "The way Robert Saleh talked about the development and the maturity that he was looking for out of Zach Wilson, him talking about Hackett sounds as though he's bringing in a quarterbacks coach, he's bringing in someone who can build a relationship and crack the code with Zach Wilson."