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Eli Manning: Peyton Is a Terrible Coach

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

2x Super Bowl Champion, co-host of the ManningCast with his brother Peyton, and NFC Pro Bowl Head Coach, Eli Manning joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He reacts to yesterday’s NFL Championship games and previews the Super Bowl now that we know who is playing. And he explains how the Pro Bowl will work now that they have officially reduced it to flag football, believing we’ll see a lot more high paced action now that the players don’t have to pretend to tackle each other. And he’s confident of an NFC victory because he claims a huge advantage over his brother Peyton when it comes to coaching.

Eli Manning: “We said hey, let’s just eliminate the tackling. We’ll play flag. Let’s get some of these great athletes, get them the ball in space and let them make some phenomenal plays...I expect it to be a lot of scoring, high paced, high action and so I expect the NFC to win. You know Peyton’s a...he’s a terrible coach, we all know that. Good player, bad coach, so I think we’re at a major advantage.”