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Horrific Call on Bengals Joseph Ossai Was Unnecessary

Just as it appeared the Cincinnati Bengals were going to keep the Kansas City Chiefs out of game-winning field goal range, Bengals LB Joseph Ossai was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul penalty after contacting Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes out of bounds, and the Chiefs went on to kick said game-winner. Doug thinks it was a travesty and, considering the time, score and magnitude of the situation, the referee should have kept that flag in his pocket. It’s past time we stopped letting bad calls determine the outcome of important games.

Doug Gottlieb: “That last call was crap...I think it was a horrific call considering time and score. You’re like, ‘Wait a second; he stepped (out of bounds)!’ I’m not saying by the letter of the law you’re not right; there’s the spirit of the law...”