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Let the Speculation Begin: Tom Brady to the Niners?

Photo: Lachlan Cunningham

San Francisco 49ers rookie QB Brock Purdy has a torn UCL in his throwing elbow which will likely require surgery, but even if it doesn’t, he won’t be back for a minimum of six months. With Trey Lance injured as well, along with Jimmy Garoppolo no longer under contract, this means the Niners currently don’t have a healthy QB on the roster. San Francisco might be just the spot for Tom Brady to get one last ring before retiring.

Dan Patrick: “You got Trey Lance who’s under a contract but he got injured. Brock Purdy is under a contract, he got injured. And Jimmy Garoppolo, I think, is out the door because he’s a free agent. I don’t think that’s good...but Brock Purdy has a tear in his elbow, out at least six months, and let the speculation begin of; Tom Brady? I mean, Tom Brady can go there now if they wanted him.”