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Placing the Franchise Tag on Lamar Jackson Is the Right Move

Photo: Michael Reaves

It appears the Baltimore Ravens will use the franchise tag on QB Lamar Jackson instead of extending his contract or signing a new one altogether. Doug thinks this is a great plan considering Jackson has yet to reproduce his MVP season stats and has missed a number of games due to injury. He needs to prove he can still play a full season at a high level before they decide to break the bank. And anchor Dan Beyer praises the Ravens for sticking to their guns on this.

Doug Gottlieb: “You gotta be willing to move on at some point, or draw kind of a line in the sand.”

Dan Beyer: “It takes a lot of gut to be like, ‘You know what Lamar, we love you. We love you at $40M. We don’t love you at $50M.’”