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Rob Parker: "The Broncos Trade for Sean Payton is an Act of Desperation"

Photo: Jonathan Bachman

Rob Parker: “Hey Denver Broncos, you made a mistake! You didn’t make a mistake to try and upgrade your coaching position. I understand why you would want to get Sean Payton, but you can’t give up everything to do it! Chris, this wreaks of desperation and it’s irrational. They gave up a butt load last year to get Russell Wilson and commit over $200 million guaranteed to an aging QB that was having issues. Now they’ve gone out and gotten a coach with a tariff of draft picks and lots of money. This isn’t going to automatically make them a winner and set them up for a long time. They’re already in a difficult division, with a struggling QB who was more of a problem than the coach... I don’t like this move at all.”
Chris Broussard: “Look, Rob, the Broncos are desperate, and I think this was a move they had to make. Did they overpay? Sure, but the Broncos are the wealthiest ownership group in the league, so the money isn’t an issue. It was a mistake to sign Russell Wilson to that extension before the season. But in order for Wilson to recapture what he had in Seattle, they had to go out and get the biggest coach on the market. Their defense is good, their offensive weapons are good, but their success comes down to Russell Wilson, and I feel like Sean Payton was the best hire to give them a shot to fix him.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the Broncos trading for Sean Payton, with the intention of naming him their next head coach. Chris and Rob believe the move is desperate, however Chris feels it’s justified, given the state of the franchise. Listen to the full segment above!