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Tom Brady Retires After an Amazing 23 Year Career

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo: Getty Images

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe with Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react live to the breaking news that Tom Brady is hanging them up at age 45, after 23 seasons and 7 Super Bowl wins.

Jonas Knox: "Somebody just celebrated their 21st birthday in a bar and they're throwing up in some trash can right now, they weren't even born when he started his NFL career. What a wild run he had."
Brady Quinn: "You're also gonna get at some point in the future, someone who will not be able to comprehend the greatness. And it's crazy, like it's kind of sad to for that person, to understand that there was a point in time where basically you just banked on seeing the Patriots and Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game and playing in a Super Bowl every other year. And you banked on if it was a two minute drive, Tom Brady leading them for a two minute drive to win it. You watched it happen so many times that you're like, 'I've seen this story before.' And yet through his 30's, into his 40's, he kept doing it."
Jonas Knox: "He had 3 Hall of Fame careers."
LaVar Arrington: "Did I mention to y'all we were in the same draft class? Hahahaha"

The guys also talk about who in the NFL will be most upset about his retirement and how the timing of this announcement is very interesting for FOX.