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Aaron Rodgers to the Jets Rumors Raise the Specter of Brett Favre

Photo: Quinn Harris

The NFL rumor-mill is now locked onto the New York Jets pursuit of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Doug is aghast. The memory of Brett Favre’s time with the Jets is still pretty fresh and the idea of Rodgers following in his footsteps is hard to swallow. It’s just too strange for Doug to wrap his head around and he wonders if that would mean Rodgers finishes his career with the Vikings just like his predecessor.

Doug Gottlieb: “How can (Aaron Rodgers) do the Jets considering the history of the (Brett) Favre thing? It wasn’t that long ago...Are you really going to follow the same path? It does feel like, gosh, golly, how could you go to the Jets? Are you going to the Vikings next?”