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Sally Field Is Glad Tom Brady Retired

Photo: Jon Kopaloff

Multiple Academy Award winning actress and co-star of “80 for Brady,” Sally Field joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. She is a big sports fan and took the part in this movie because it isn’t your typical women’s road trip movie, it really is about the love of sports and how that can bring us together. And because of her newfound relationship with Tom, she was happy to see him retire mostly because she doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

Dan Patrick: “Your reaction when you woke up to the news that Tom Brady was retiring was what?”

Sally Field: “I had many feelings. First of all, I think feel glad because I watched him all this season and sometimes he was Tom again and you just were shaking your head like how is that possible. And the also, I don’t want him to get hurt! I feel like, wait a minute, it’s my boy! I just didn’t want him to get crushed and crumbled into a bazillion pieces.”