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Charles Barkley: LeBron Has the Greatest Sports Story of All Time

Photo: Maddie Meyer

NBA legend and current TNT analyst, Charles Barkley joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He explains why the scoring is out of control in the league, and he professes his support for the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. And he wants to be clear that he thinks LeBron James' career is the single greatest story in the history of sports. King James is the only player to come into the league and be good from the start while avoiding any real trouble during his 20-year career. While a very few athletes may have greater accomplishments (like Tom Brady), none have excelled with more consistency and with less controversy from day one.

Charles Barkley: “LeBron I think has the greatest story, not just in basketball history, in sports history...LeBron coming in at 18, being pretty good from the first day and never really getting in trouble, especially when people are out to get you in today’s social media, camera phones everywhere, I think he’s had the greatest sports story of all time. And it’s amazing that he’s doing this 20 years later.”