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Derek Carr Has the Upper Hand on the Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images

Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox, and LaVar Arrington react to the recent comments at the Pro Bowl by Derek Carr in regard to his relationship with Las Vegas Raiders and how he structured his contract to benefit himself in this exact situation. Carr has already said he would not move back the Feb. 15 deadline, putting the Raiders in tough trade spot where they must trade or release the quarterback if they don't want to get stuck with paying him roughly $40M over the next two years.

Brady Quinn: "Clearly, Derek Carr and his crew knew what they were doing, that's why they picked the date they did. This is actually really smart on his part because now he actually gets a jump on free agency... So I actually love this for his agent, for himself as far as the timeline because it forces the team to have a make a quick decision and I think in the end, he's gonna be the one that benefits from it ultimately.
Let's say for example, he's scheduled to make $32.9M this year in base salary, he's gonna get at least that in his signing bonus. He's probably going to get double that if not more if he gets released. So this is a great setup as far as the timing of these mechanisms and when they kick in. I would think other other agents and players are going to try to do this and every other team is going to be like, not a chance. We're never going to do a window like that again."