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Jerry Jones Has Endured Mediocrity While Increasing Value

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Photo: Getty Images

Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Jerry Jones' assessment of the Eagles and Rams "betting it all" to get to the Super Bowl now and paying for it later, while he prefers to think long term and is happy with being in the middle of the pack.

LaVar Arrington: "His long term plan has been long term as hell."
Brady Quinn: "What is that long term plan? Let's wait over 30 years to make the Conference Championship?"
Jonas Knox: "The Rams won it last year. If the Eagles win it this year, that's the goal. You want to win a Super Bowl!"
LaVar Arrington: "He has remained somewhere in the middle... I'm a fan of Jerry Jones because he has built a brand that has endured mediocrity and it continues to gain value, gain momentum. Dallas has never lost value."