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Let the Ridiculous Questions Begin!

Photo: Rob Carr

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs have arrived in Arizona and the reporters covering the game are already up to their old tricks. This week has turned into a competition to see which media outlet can generate the most outrageous content as opposed to just sticking to football. One reporter has already made headlines by apologizing to Jalen Hurts for ever doubting him, which has inspired Dan and the Danettes to do some soul-searching and offer apologies to athletes they’ve been wrong about in the past.

Dan Patrick: “I was at the Super Bowl where somebody was asked, ‘If you’re a tree, what kind of tree would you be?’ because I worked with the people who came up with that question. And that was painful, where you heard it being asked and you’re going ‘Gosh, we’re just trying to generate some sort of content...’”