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Patrick Mahomes Could Face Harmful Reputation with Super Bowl 57 Loss

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs

Photo: Getty Images North America

Rob Parker: "If Patrick Mahomes loses this Super Bowl, and you Chris thinks he's Jordan-eque, then I think Mahomes becomes LeBron-esque. He could wind up more like LeBron, who went to 10 Finals, but went 4-6. If he loses and he doesn't play well, he may start to be seen as one of the all-time greats who can't close out the with the title. He's more on the road to being LeBron than to being Jordan, if he loses another Super Bowl. I'm not closed off to him for losing once, but you would have to pull back on the Jordan comparisons if he loses another one."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate if another Super Bowl loss for Patrick Mahomes could start to craft an unfortunate narrative for the young star. Chris and Rob discuss the idea that another Super Bowl loss would put Patrick Mahomes’ career path more in-line with LeBron James’ (All-Time Great) than Michael Jordan’s (The Greatest).