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Brock Purdy: Never Felt the Pop in My Elbow

Brock Purdy joined The Doug Gottlieb Show from Radio Row at Super Bowl LVII to discuss his injury during the NFC Championship Game against the Eagles. Purdy’s determination to keep playing went out the window once his arm got numb and discussed the big decision to get QB Josh Johnson in the game. Purdy talks about his prognosis on his recovery, shares his thoughts on Patrick Mahomes’ tall task against that Eagles defense and so much more! 

Brock Purdy: “I didn’t feel a pop in my elbow, but after trying to throw a few balls, my arm just felt gone. I couldn’t throw 10 yards, so I knew I had to make a decision for my teammates to get Josh Johnson in there…but after my MRI, the doctors told me we’ll be doing the repair on my elbow with an internal brace and there will be a six-month recovery process.