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Stefon Diggs: A Frustrating End to Our Season

Photo: Bryan Bennett

Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs Warner joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show live from Phoenix, Arizona, site of Super Bowl LVII. Diggs unpacked his feelings on how the season ended for the Bills, described playing in the freezing cold of Buffalo and Minnesota, recounted the events of witnessing Damar Hamlin’s scary injury, and much more!

Dan Patrick: “Could you feel like America was rooting for you guys this year?”

Stefon Diggs: “Oh 100%. From the beginning of the year, even from the previous year, I feel like everyone went in with the mindset that we should do what we were supposed to do and win it all. Then with everything that happened, like the trials and tribulations we had, injuries, and the events that happened late in the year… It’s like that feel good story that you want so bad, but sorry, we live in a real world.”

Dan: “Well, it was like a Disney movie, it just didn’t have a Disney ending.”

Stefon: “Yeah, it was more so like a nightmare, maybe… It was just disappointing, I’m damn sure frustrated. Everybody really put into the grand scheme of things ‘how long a year is,’ and our year felt that much longer because of everything we went through and endure. It was like, ‘S*** we did all that for this?” It seemed almost a little bit not real when we lost, and I was just trying to let it register.”